Dr. B's Premium Microbrewed Tea Apple Spice Cinnamon

Dr. B's Premium Microbrewed Tea Apple Spice Cinnamon
Did you know that Beavis and Butthead was set in Texas? I had no idea until I just read that online. Did they ever come out and say that in the show, or is it something that Mike Judge just proclaimed? Either way I bet living down in the south like that must be a real bummer for them. Sure it can be rainy and kind of cold, but it's the good kind of cold, and autumn in the northeast is the best smelling time of year. On top of that I bet those troubled boys have never had apple cider in their life, well at least not anything decent.

A nice glass of cider is really the heart of the season if you ask an expert like myself. Dr. B's understands this and wanted to make a drink that the entire world could enjoy, even if they were thousands of miles away from a cider mill. At first sip this just tastes like watered down cider, or more specifically what a Cider flavored Vitamin Water would taste like. The more you drink the more the subtlety of the tea comes out. This is in fact a tea that is flavored with spiced apple juice. So it's not watered down at all. It's just not overly flavored, which is a different thing all together. If you don't go into this expecting a full-bodied cider then you won't have any disappointments. It is what it claims to be and it does it well. I wish I could try this without any sweetener added. The taste of the Xylitol is faint, and does not interfere with the flavor much, but I've grown to love completely unsweetened drinks lately.
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Jason Draper on 10/7/12, 3:52 PM
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