Dunkin' Donuts Iced Coffee Girl Scouts Peanut Butter Cookie

Dunkin' Donuts Iced Coffee Girl Scouts Peanut Butter Cookie
More Girl Scout cookies. The dense, fat kid in me enjoys Girl Scout cookies. Keep 'em coming. If I didn't have self-respect, I could crush a whole box. I mean, there are only like twenty cookies in each box, right? No problem. Dare me. Don't dare me. I don't need all those cookies. I have liquid cookies now.

With all due respect, this didn't really taste too much like the cookies. I could not pinpoint the flavor. If you (generously) bought this and put it in front of me, I would not be able to tell you what it was. That being said, it was not bad. It was sweet but not tooth-shatteringly sweet. Since I couldn't tell you what it was, I am not married to this guy. Between this and the previously drank Thin Mint, I would take the Thin Mint. Between the Thin Mint and the standard mocha swirl that I like to get, I would get the mocha. A limited time offer? It doesn't bother me at all.
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Mike Literman on 3/12/18, 5:50 AM
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