Dunkin' Donuts Iced Latte Snickerdoodle

Dunkin' Donuts Iced Latte Snickerdoodle
Was there anything more disappointing that when you were in home economics in high school and they told you that you were going to make snickerdoodles only to find out that there is nothing similar between Snickers candy bar and snickerdoodle cookies? What a complete bummer. To this date, I still get mad when I eat snickerdoodles. It's not that they're bad but they're no Snickers. I'll make you a Snicker cookie that would blow the lid off any of your dumb grandma's prized, award winning snickerdoodle cookies. Oh, I know they won the blue ribbon in Tennessee in 1953 against Mabel Johnson's apple pie but who gives a rip. Snickerdoodles will always be second to something with chocolate, caramel and nuts.

This, as disappointing as it may be, isn't bad. It's coffee and snickerdoodle. It would be like if you had a coffee and dipped a snickerdoodle in it and it broke off and you just went with the flow and let it marinate. It's sweet but cookies are sweet so if you didn't see that coming, you truly don't know what you're eating and have no imagination.

Also, if there was a fight, my maternal grandma would crush your grandma in a cook off. My paternal grandma would lose every time. No, not because she's dead but because she was a pretty terrible cook. She was a wonderful woman who lived through the Holocaust. It didn't enhance her cooking skills but what each of my grandmas was doing in their twenties was polarizingly different.
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Mike Literman on 12/2/14, 12:19 PM
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