Earth Wise Entirely Natural Berry Meadow

Earth Wise Entirely Natural Berry Meadow
Grocery stores are magical places. Whenever I'm out of town I love checking out different stores and when I'm bored I sometimes wander around my local Wegmans. There is something very comforting about it. You're surrounded by food and rad drinks. There are also people everywhere, but they rarely if ever bother you. Whenever I'm there I feel like I'm a part of some sort of enjoyable social experiment.

In all of my times in Wegmans, with all the times that I check the various drink aisles to see if there is anything new, I rarely check the cold juice section. I hardly ever see anything new there, and I really just don't buy larger sized beverages all that often. Recently my lady friend wanted to get some orange juice so we went to said section of the store. Earth Wise instantly caught my eye. In a sea of predominately white packages the green really stood out. I was happily surprised to find that it was a 100% fruit punch of sorts. Juice with no sugar added is a juice that I would like to be friends with. I'm a sucker for blackberries so out of the three flavors they had I chose this one. It's a blend of apple, cranberry and blackberry juice. While it's in your mouth it mainly has an apple taste with a hint of berry. When you swallow the cranberry kicks in and it has the aftertaste of a nice cranapple. The great thing about it is that the cranberry isn't completely overpowering like it tends to be in most juices.

Looks like that juice cooler will be getting more of my attention on future wanderings.
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Jason Draper on 6/21/11, 11:18 AM
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