Elmhurst Naturals Horchata Traditional

Elmhurst Naturals Horchata Traditional
There is nothing quite like consuming more tacos than anyone on Earth should in one sitting and then washing it all down with some Horchata aka the perfect dessert beverage. In case you are unfamiliar with this liquid wonder it is basically cinnamon rice milk. Sometimes, if you are lucky, there is a little vanilla in there as well. It sounds so very simple, but it taste so very good. It's the kind of drink that even if it were regularly available to me, I would save it for special occasions because I would not want it to become commonplace. It is a treat I like to give myself when I think I've earned it.

I've had premade horchata before and they have always left something to be desired. While on the better side of things, this bottle is no exception. It's almost there, but at the same time it also tastes a bit on the watery side. I just don't know if perfect horchata could have any sort of shelf life. The dairy would spoil too quickly. I did enjoy this, but it was taunting me, knowing how great it could be. It is a good substitute if you were to live in a town that didn't have a proper Mexican restaurant that served the real stuff. It's got that cinnamon rice flavor, and even a touch of vanilla, but it's all just a little too weak. Drinking this makes me want to jump in my car and drive the 20 minutes to get a glass at my favorite Taqueria. I really shouldn't, but I want to. Let's say this is starter Horchata. A Mexican treat with training wheels if you will.
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Jason Draper on 7/20/17, 3:22 PM
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