Emerge Energy Drink Original

Emerge Energy Drink Original
Iceland: Day four. Four days of pretty much nonstop hiking, climbing, exploring and eating very little. Being veg here is not ideal. I've found my workarounds, but I have mainly existed on avocados and protein bars. Today was going to be a hike heavy day and I could feel that I was going to fade at some point. I grabbed this at the grocery store this morning for back up and sure enough come 3 I'm starting to nod out on our way to the next destination. A destination where I had to travel through a cave to get to a river, which I needed to cross via downed logs, which took me to a mountain I had to climb to get to a hidden waterfall. You know, every day stuff. Before we embarked I drank this down and it's pretty much another Red Bull facsimile. I'm sure if I drank them back to back I would notice a difference, but out here all I can taste is the chemically wonderful taste that I associate with the world's most famous energy drink. It should be something I hate, but I have a soft spot for it. I also haven't had caffeine in weeks, so I kind of lost my mind for a bit. Pray for Mojo. Oh and I totally didn't fall into a river or down a mountain, so it kept me as alert as it needed to.
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United Kingdom
Jason Draper on 9/19/17, 6:21 AM
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