Esta The Limone

Esta The Limone
When I'm in my homeland and I order a lemon iced tea I know exactly what I'm getting myself into. A sweetened black tea that has far too much lemon in it for it's own good. Keep in mind that I am not a fan of lemons (except in lemonade form, try to figure that one out), and I always think that people go overboard when adding this flavor. While walking the streets of Turin, Italy I didn't expect much of a difference for what I was used to. I'm always assuming too much that that is my problem. When I assume, I'm more often than not, wrong.

For starters this did not have a standard black tea for a base. I can't read the ingredients, but from the floral taste I will say that it is some sort of herbal tea. It certainly didn't taste like black, white or green tea. It wasn't floral like jasmine tea; it was closer to something rose flavored, but not as specific and strong. That on it's own gave it immediate points. I love different varieties of tea. To make matters even better the lemon flavoring wasn't over the top, and neither was the amount of sweetener used. Overall it was a pretty mellow, slightly floral tea. It was a nice treat from the basic lemon black tea that I had expected to hit my lips.
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Jason Draper on 5/20/14, 9:30 PM
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