Famous House Pink Guava Juice

Famous House Pink Guava Juice
I am out on tour again and this is the first time since we started Thirsty Dudes that I am not coming across an obscene amount of drinks that we have yet to review. Where the van would normally be ankle deep in assorted beverages only bottled water takes its place. I was wandering around Montreal, going in various shops and coming up empty handed. You see I was a man with a thirst, but it's been so programmed into my brain that if I'm out of town I can only purchase unreviewed drinks that I could not settle for less. After about five bodegas I found this can of guava juice. Not a bad find at all. I believe guava has actually taken over the top spot in my list of fruits. Yes, I make top five lists for everything. I am a thirty something year old man who is obsessed with music, dumb movies, comics and non-alcoholic drinks; would you expect anything else?

This is a light guava juice. Normally they are very thick and nectar like, but this is very fluid and not as overly sweet as others I've had. I'm just waiting for this fruit to have it's day in the sun. Pomegranate and acai have been in the spotlight for far too long. They need to discover some crazy health benefits for guava so that everything can be flavored with it. The world needs more guava in it. Pray for Mojo.
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