Feel Good Drinks Co. Sparkling Juice Drink Cloudy Lemon

Feel Good Drinks Co. Sparkling Juice Drink Cloudy Lemon
I've finally made it to the end of my journey. I send two and a half weeks in Europe, where I drank 45 beverages that I wrote review notes for. I didn't expect it to take me three weeks to actually get around to writing all of said reviews, but here I am writing the last one of the bunch. I started this by writing about a bottle of Feel Good, so it seems only fitting that my last review would be for the same company.

One thing I have learned from my adventure is that people in the United Kingdom love their lemonade. On top of that they like adding bubbles to their bitter-sweet treat. Feel Good decided to take their beverage in a little bit of a different direction than the classic version by not adding sugar to it. Instead they have embraced the natural sweetness of apple juice and added that to the mix.

There is also a little bit of lime juice in here. You would think that the lemon and lime combo would make it taste like 7Up of Sprite, but this is far from those forgettable sodas. You see this actually tastes like real fruit and not generic fake flavoring. It's like neighborhood kids made some lemonade to sell at the corner, but the plumber was over so their water was shut off and they used their mother's bubbly water as a substitute. Those dumb kids also thought that the lime was a lemon that wasn't quite ripe so it got thrown into the pile. It's great. Their mistake is your gain as the lime gives it just the right twist.

Europe, you were good to me and I can't wait to return and drink far too many of your beverages in such a short span of time.
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Jason Draper on 5/21/14, 10:06 AM
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