Feel Good Drinks Co. Still Juice Drink Apple & Blueberry

Feel Good Drinks Co. Still Juice Drink Apple & Blueberry
Pull the arrow back. Feel the quill in your fingertips. Set the target in your sights. Release. If you were a marksmen your arrow would fly true and hit that sucker dead center. If you were this drink you would be somewhere just outside of the bullseye. It's so close to being right on the money, but that little distance can mean a lot in the competitive world of archery.

The juice has a heavy blueberry taste that is rounded out by apple. The thing is that it lacks the robustness that I so badly want from it. I blame this on its origins being from concentrate. It only contains 1% blueberry juice, but that is the prominent flavor. If it was straight, pure juice it would have been strong enough on it's own and it wouldn't have had to outsource the work to grape, orange and lemon. It's a shame because I had high hopes, and the cheaper juices just won out.
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United Kingdom
No Sugar Added
Jason Draper on 5/11/14, 9:51 PM
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