Fentimans Sparkling Lime and Jasmine

Fentimans Sparkling Lime and Jasmine
The British have a very different take on sodas and I love it. Growing up in the US you are fed your cola, root beers, lemon limes, orange sodas and the like. In England it's all ginger beer, dandelion and burdock, elderflower and other deliciousness that is strange to my American tongue. Okay, maybe they aren't all strange, but they are way different than what I grew up with and it's a difference that I can appreciate. I'm not sure if all Fentimans sodas are classic British flavors, but if they are myself, as a young boy would think they were from another world.

If you think about it, a straight lime soda isn't very common in the US. Sure we are up to the gills in lemon lime (and it can all be flushed away with the mass quantity of pet fish that have died), but just lime are hard to come by. Now take that and then throw some jasmine in it and you have stepped aboard Mr Toad's Wild Soda Ride. It's floral, it's very much lime and it's fairly bitter. It has a tonic water sort of taste to it, which leads me to believe that this would make a great mixer for liquor. When I mentioned that I bet this would go great with gin (which I have never tasted) I was told that both of them are made with juniper berries. Look at me being smart for once in my life.

While I do love this, I can only drink it in small amounts, which when you think about it is how you should probably always enjoy soda pop. This 16.9oz bottle with probably also last me five or six sittings, so I win again and again. I'm pretty sure 99 out of 100 children would hate this, but what do they know. This is a soda for adults, whether they want to mix it with alcohol or not.
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Jason Draper on 2/24/18, 3:34 PM
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