Forager Mango & Chia

Forager Mango & Chia
Oh, a mango and chia probiotic smoothie. That sounds pleasant enough. Wait, the base of this is cashew milk? That sounds a bit odd, but I'm willing to give it a try, I mean I really like almond milk.
*one spit take later*
Okay, I was wrong that is not what I want to taste. I still think I would like cashew milk on its own. Hell, I think I would probably even like it if it were just that and mango juice. It might be a little weird, but I have a ghost vision of it on my taste buds and it's not bad. The problem lies with one, some or all of the other ingredients. I'm looking at you orange juice, dates, lemon juice, and bacillus coagulans GB1-30 6086 whatever you are (it's a probiotic strain). In your ranks is the think that makes this taste very vegetable juice like and not like something I want to drink at all. It tastes like it's the gross beverage that I would have to force myself to drink on a juice cleanse. Lucky for me I'm not cleansing and I don't have to force anything. Wait, why did I just chug the whole thing then?
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Jason Draper on 3/6/18, 11:12 AM
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