Franklin & Sons Ltd Wild Strawberry & Scottish Raspberry

Franklin & Sons Ltd Wild Strawberry & Scottish Raspberry
Sometimes you randomly stumble upon fancy drinks in stores not known for carrying beverages. I found this at Home Goods, you know where normal people go to buy fancy cinnamon for their pancakes, and I feel that single bottle that was on the shelf will probably be the only one I will ever see in the US. It's a treat, but also a taunt, when it ends up being so delicious and you know you'll have to fly to another continent to try it again.

Berry sodas are known for their ridiculous sweetness and the joy of this is that there is nowhere near the amount of sugar in here that you would anticipate (9.3g). the result is that it actually tastes like fruit juice and not some sludgy syrup. I'm not exactly sure what the difference between Scottish raspberries and the ones you'd find around NY are, but every drink I have had with them in it is extremely delicious. While this is 32% apple juice and 1% or less strawberry and raspberry, both of those flavors really shine through. I would never expect their percentages to be so low. It is really the lime in here that brings it all together though. I feel it is equally present as the two flavors in the products namesake. You might find it odd that there is black pepper in here, but it is extremely faint, and I believe it's inclusion is only there to maximize the fanciness of the drink.

I just looked at the company's website and it bummed me out even more that I will probably never run across it again. Each of the seven different flavors looks incredible in its own way. Can I justify a transcontinental trip, just to try some new sodas? Can I work expense that?
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Jason Draper on 7/25/17, 5:55 PM
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