Fremo Aloe Vera Drink Pineapple

Fremo Aloe Vera Drink Pineapple
Part of me really thought that I was over aloe drinks. When I first discovered them a few years back (yes I am an explorer as well as a scientist) I couldn't get enough. I would buy the huge bottles and down them in one sitting, like some fat conquistador slob. I realized that the amount of sugar I was consuming was enough to give an elephant diabetes, so I “cooled my jets,” as the kids say. It's been awhile since I've had a bottle, and just like with most things, with time your feelings towards them fade. The refreshment that was once my love had become just another face in the crowd of thousands of drinks we've downed in the name of Thirsty Dudes.

Drinking this bottle was like renewing my wedding vows. One sip and I fell in love all over again. It's sweet, but it's more honey than cane sugar. Actually the whole bottle only has 16g of sugar, which is way lower than I expected. This is a perfect blend of the classic white grape-ish flavor of aloe mixed with pineapple. Both are present in their own ways and it's one hell of a ride of flavor.

Let's not forget about our friends the aloe chunks. It looked like there were a ton of them in the bottle, but when I was drinking it, it seemed like there were less than other companies use. Either way, they are still fun to drink and catch in your teeth.

Today I will make a vow to aloe that I will never again forever about how much I love you, and the enjoyment it brings to my life. I may stray to other drinks on a regular basis, but I will always come back to you when all is said and done.
Chunky and Aloe Vera
Jason Draper on 9/11/12, 12:03 AM
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