FRS Healthy Protein Orange Cream

FRS Healthy Protein Orange Cream
After Mike's review of their Healthy Energy Orange I was dreading drinking this. He brings up all the time exactly how terrible that drink was. Today I took a deep breath and grabbed this bottle, as it is my duty as a Thirsty Dude to try any and all non-alcoholic drinks.

I don't know if Mike was crazy, or if their protein line is really that much different. This wasn't bad at all. It's the thickest drink I've ever had, but it's not bad. It tastes/feels like someone mixed some orange juice into a big bowl of fairly flavorless vanilla pudding. Yes, it is that thick. It pours slowly like molasses because it's so thick. It doesn't taste even remotely gross. If anyone had a complaint about this my money would be on them complaining about the consistency. One weird thing about the drink is that although it is not chalky, like a lot of protein drinks, it does dry your mouth out after you drink it. Strange.

Well FRS I am no longer afraid of you and I will be trying some more of your products in the relatively near future. I'll try to convince Mike to do the same.
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Jason Draper on 8/15/12, 6:25 PM
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