Function Please Sleep Bedtime Berry

Function Please Sleep Bedtime Berry
If I know anything it's that this is a leftover promotional relic from the HBO show Dream On. To be fair, I don't know anything about said show. Up until now I thought that Larry Sanders was on it, which is apparently not true. There it is though, right at the top of the bottle, “Dream On.” Actually, maybe someone in Aerosmith owns this company. They did have that one song that sounded like nothing else in their catalog that had the same nomenclature.

Whoever is responsible, rock star or film star, they have come up with a decent shot beverage that doesn't taste too terribly disgusting. I mean with all shots there is a level of concentrate that causes the flavor to be a little off, but this has a nice berry flavor to it that tastes a bit like candy, even though it's sweetened with stevia. Since you would generally just slug this thing back I doubt anyone would even realize the stevia was there. It's more berry than poison-shot in the taste department, and there's not much else one could ask for. Oh it also definitely knocked me right out 10-15 minutes after downing it. I guess that functionality is something I could have asked for, and received.
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Jason Draper on 5/22/14, 4:14 PM
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