Gold Thread Plant Based Tonics Hawaiian Ginger with Jasmine, Coriander + Vanilla

Gold Thread Plant Based Tonics Hawaiian Ginger with Jasmine, Coriander + Vanilla
If you looked up the opposite of a Trigger Warning, I'm pretty sure the returned result would simply be a picture of this beverage. I mean maybe it comes up with different results for different people, but the list of ingredients hear could very well be a secret code to break into my soul. Ginger is one of the greatest things that has ever graced this planet. I sure do like to go overboard with it. The other night I got a meal that was just shredded ginger and scallions with some fake chicken. You know when you get a bag of shredded carrots, well it was like someone dumped the full bag on my plate, but instead of carrots it was ginger, and a complaint didn't even cross my mind because it was amazing. Jasmine may be my favorite type of tea and vanilla, well it's vanilla and it's delicious. The only red flag here is coriander, which is the same plant as cilantro, you know pure soapy garbage. Luckily there is not a trace of that dirty dishwater taste I associate with the plant in this drink.

I'm going to say something crazy here. I feel like my friends are going to be concerned and perhaps I will come home to an intervention later, but I could actually do with a little less ginger here. By no means does the ginger taste bad. The only reason I say this is that it is so strong of a flavor that it doesn't really let the other flavors shine. Sure they are there, but I want them to have equal billing with the ginger. It's slightly floral with hints of vanilla, but how great would this be if those flavors were stronger?

I love this, but there is room for improvement via my imagination. I want this to be to summer as chai is to winter.
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Jason Draper on 8/28/18, 2:37 PM
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