Gold Thread Plant Based Tonics Lavender Bliss

Gold Thread Plant Based Tonics Lavender Bliss
This was surely made with modern day witchcraft, which is probably no different than olden day witchcraft. Herbs and other ingredients were mixed together to create what they call a tonic, but lets me honest here this is a potion; a delicious potion that I simply cannot get enough of. Sure I could go down to my local apothecary shop and pick up the ingredients to mix a potion of my own for relaxation and “bliss”, but why would I bother when this is available and so darn delicious. This is a concoction of linden flowers, saffron, lavender blossoms, chamomile, elder flowers, lemon verbena, sage leaf, and butterfly pea flower; all slow brewed to a wonderfully tasty beverage. It is lightly sweetly floral without tasting like you are licking a grandma. I feel good drinking this and I believe you will too. Embrace witchcraft. Drink potions, even if they are disguised as tonics.
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Jason Draper on 7/4/18, 9:59 AM
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