Goldenbrew Green Tea w/ Spearmint & LIme

Goldenbrew Green Tea w/ Spearmint & LIme
To my taste buds mint and tea generally do not mix. I know it's a classic flavor, and I admit it's okay with hot teas, but once they get iced I feel like I poured myself a nice glass of tea, got distracted by a phone call, or my cat throwing up, brushed my teeth, realized I had forgotten about my tea, and then drank it anyways. To me the mint never tastes like it's part of the drink, more like it's a foreign aspect that just happens to be in my mouth. With Goldenbrew it's a tad better. The mint still tastes a bit detached, but it's more like I'm chewing Doublemint gum and drinking green tea instead of having just brushed my teeth. I don't know why that is preferable, but it definitely is. The lime is also a nice touch. So many companies rely on lemons too heavily when this superior citrus cousin is just begging to be used. It makes things a bit more interesting. You add high quality tea, and a little agave to round it out with a touch of sweetness and you have a pretty good beverage on your hands. Now if someone could just figure out how to blend in mint with tea a bit better this would be fantastic.
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Jason Draper on 7/24/16, 10:45 AM
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