Good Earth Black Tea Sweetly Twisted

Good Earth Black Tea Sweetly Twisted
"Twisted" might be an understatement. The contortionist that your tongue becomes while drinking this drink is enough to make a circus performer get queasy. It's one of the strangest hot teas I have ever drank and reminds me of when I drank chai for the first time. Is it spicy? Is it sweet? Who knows? Who cares, really since it's so good, sometimes. I like the no-milk chai way more than the milky chai. This is on a different plane all together.

I think the base of this is an herbal tea since it's a black, hibiscus tea. Then all hell breaks loose with ingredients like licorice, lemon, blackberry leaf, vanilla, and rosehip. There are more ingredients than that but it's just a constant jumping from one to another like the guy in Pitfall jumping from rope to rope trying his hardest to not make it into those pesky crocodile's mouths. So pesky. This tea is sweet which some people won't like but I didn't mind because I like Stevia and it's faint enough that it's not overpowering. It's far from a sweet tea and if anything is just being added as a flavor rather than a sweetener. Man, those crocodiles. Much pesky. So wow. Very rope swing.
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Mike Literman on 5/15/14, 3:17 PM
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