Good Earth Herbal & Black Tea Sweet & Spicy

Good Earth Herbal & Black Tea Sweet & Spicy
When I was a kid I used to go to my grandma's house where my uncle has tons of antiques, collectibles and vending equipment. Inside one of them he had Atomic Fireballs. I would take a handful of quarters or nickels and buy three or so of them and put them in a tall glass of water and just let them marinate and make spicy cinnamon water. Taking one sip of this took me back like twenty some-odd years to those days.

Unlike the concocted drink of my youth, this tea is unsweetened but whatever cinnamon and other spices they used cut right through the garbage and somehow create a naturally sweet and spicy drink. The cinnamon has a serious and delicious burn and there is quite a lot of orange taste in it thanks to the one-two punch of both orange peel and orange oil. There are a lot of other great flavors in there but you cannot distinguish them as much as the cinnamon and orange. A complete bonus to this is that one bag easily makes two cups of tea. I drank one pretty quickly and made another one to take on a walk with my dog. I knew the first one was strong enough that I could at least try to make a second and I was right.

I do enjoy that the same flavors today bring me as much happiness as they did when I was eight. Look, I never said I wasn't immature. No one is going to argue against that. I think that if eight year old me knew that I was drinking something as spicy as this, we would high-five and the world would implode on itself because you're not supposed to interact with the past, especially yourself. Everyone knows that.
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Mike Literman on 2/24/14, 10:22 AM
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