Good Idea The Sweedish Sugar Buster Sparkling Lemon Lime

Good Idea The Sweedish Sugar Buster Sparkling Lemon Lime
Lemon lime is a pretty standard flavor that I'm sure most of us can do a memory recall for at any moment. Now flip that memory. No longer does the lemon have the wheel. In this beverage it's the lime that is steering the ship and its terrified sidekick is screaming because lime is taking the corners way too fast on these mountains roads, and is that screaming it hears from the trunk? Yes, there is very obviously an extra passenger on this wild ride and it goes by the name Chromium Picolinate. It gives this “safe” flavor a little something underneath that just doesn't taste quite right. In fact it might be this little stowaway that has gotten lime all amped up and wants it to be something it is not (along with being the factor that handles sugar spikes after meals). It's a familiar taste that I can't exactly pinpoint, but it sure is distracting. It falls somewhere between a diet taste and the flavor of fruit rind. I don't' get it, and I'm not a huge fan. Someone needs to get lime into a meeting so he can kick its habit and go back to be its regular awesome self.
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Jason Draper on 6/19/18, 6:36 PM
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