Green Bee All Natural Soda Lemon Sting

Green Bee All Natural Soda Lemon Sting
I complain about this stuff all the time, a company delivers, and I complain. Therefore, I am sorry in advance. This drink, lemon sting, is just too much. It's a lot of lemon, and I like lemon. It's also a lot of honey, and I like honey. The two together tastes a bit too much like I should be drinking this with a sore throat.

I give this company full appreciation. I really do. Also, for adding rosemary in this drink saved you from a dreaded "2" rating. There is nothing in this drink, and for what it is it's great. What it is is reminiscent of long nights spent with a runny nose, coughing, and trying to talk as little as possible while trying to achieve 100% completion in whatever video game you're playing. I'm currently playing Just Cause 2 and if I have to have a sore throat and need lozenges for the duration of time it takes me to get 100% I might cut my throat clean off.
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Mike Literman on 8/9/12, 3:42 PM
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