Green-Go Cactus Water Hint of Lemon

Green-Go Cactus Water Hint of Lemon
So after saying the name of this beverage several times aloud to a friend they still thought that I was saying it was called Gringo and not Green-Go. Was that an intentional marketing plan? Perhaps it was an inside joke, you know a play on how the white people who live in the suburbs of America won't shut up about how such and such restaurant is completely authentic Mexican, when in reality it's like an Applebees that serves tacos. Those same people probably will never step into the hole in the wall taquerias that look filthy, but taste amazing, serving things such as nopal. In case you didn't know nopal is cactus and it is what is used to make this beverage. The folks at Green-Go puree the paddles of the nopal cactus into a beverage that is ridiculously refreshing. Think of it as coconut water's long lost cousin. When I describe what cooked nopal tastes like to people I always say it's like a cross between green beans and green peppers. This tastes nothing like that, thankfully…₮ÂĶI think? This tastes kind of like unsweetened aloe vera, but you know without being overbearing and resembling poison. It tastes plantlike, but it is very mild. It's the kind of flavor that grows on you the more you drink, and you will want to drink a lot when you see how hydrated it makes you feel. Take it from this gringo.
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No Sugar Added
Jason Draper on 7/12/18, 1:14 PM
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