Harmless Harvest 100% Raw Tea Raw Peppermint

Harmless Harvest 100% Raw Tea Raw Peppermint
With cold brew coffee being all the rage these days I'm shocked that this is the first I have heard of what is essentially a cold brewed tea. I mean sure I've heard of sun tea, but that's not something I have ever found for sale in a store.

The tea in this bottle has never been heated, nor has it been dehydrated. It is essentially the freshest tea you will ever have in your life unless you or someone you know picks the tea leaves themselves. So what does the world's freshest tea taste like? Well, it's the smoothest of it's kind that I have ever tried, and that is with only 7g of sugar in it. It's no bitterness to it at all. This is a whole new world of tea, that I appreciated more and more with every sip.

So there you have the base for the tea. Added on top of that is some peppermint leaves that are out of this world ridiculous. As soon as you open the bottle the smell hits you and it hits you hard. I can be a bit iffy about mint in my drinks, as it has a tendency to taste like I'm drinking something with gum in my mouth, but that is simply not the case here. This peppermint tastes the way that tea tree oil smells. Yes, that is a good thing for me. The way the leaves are ground up in here, when you take a sip your lips are coated with a crazy mintiness. It feels like you licked a Lifesaver and then rubbed it all over your lips. Intense.

When I first started this bottle I was unsure how I felt about it, but by the time I was done I was already craving more. There is some magic here, and if you see this in your local grocery, do not pass it up.
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Jason Draper on 11/19/13, 2:10 PM
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