Harvest Bay Coconut Water Iced Coffee

Harvest Bay Coconut Water Iced Coffee
Recent studies suggest that coconuts kill five times more people than sharks. In an effort to curb these nauseating results, Harvest Bay went back to the drawing board and decided that they would mix their coconut water with iced coffee so that you can be faster and have more pep in your step so that you can avoid those pesky falling coconuts. Sure, they had to do a lot of testing and kill a lot of test subjects but they were murdering thieves so, you know, who cares? They would give them regular coconut water and throw coconuts at them. Then they would give them coconut water with iced coffee and they were faster for longer to help them avoid those dreaded coconuts.

The felons that lived described the coconut water with iced coffee in it as "Still pretty coconutty" and "lightly coffee'd." Criminals love to make up their own words. It wasn't sweetened but still had a pretty genuine coffee and coconut taste. The coconut was stronger than the coffee but nonetheless, a pretty decent drink.

Thanks to the criminals that will earn a gold star and an extra day out of "The Hole" before they have to go to "The Chair." Everyone wins.
Coconut and Coffee
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Mike Literman on 9/22/14, 12:56 PM
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