Hey Song Red Guava Mixed Fruits Juice

Hey Song Red Guava Mixed Fruits Juice
All right fellas, it's time to make a batch of our mixed fruit juice. What do we have extra laying around? Okay, we have guavas and red guavas. Well that's not very eclectic. Sure I love guava as much as the next guy, but we already have these cans printed up and they say mixed fruit. If we just go with guava, even though it's two different types, we should really just call it guava juice. So, what else do we have? Tomatoes? Seriously Bonny? Tomatoes aren't a fruit; they are a gross vegetable! What do you mean they are a fruit not a vegetable? You know what I will Google it! Well, would you look at that, tomatoes are officially considered a fruit…€¦ who knew? You're all telling me that you knew they were considered fruit and not a vegetable? You're all a bunch of dirty liars, that's what you are. Anyway it looks like tomatoes are the only other fruit we have, so throw it in with the guavas.

Well that turned out much better than I thought. We may have gone overboard with the sweeteners, but I really didn't want this to taste like V8 at all, and we succeeded with that. People will never know that the other fruit involved is tomato, as no one ever reads ingredients anyways. Taste wise this ended up being a really thick guava juice. Actually, I would say it tastes like sugar water with guava juice mixed in. It's not the finest work that we have done here at Hey Song, but it could have turned out a lot worse with the ingredients we were left to manage with.
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Jason Draper on 7/8/13, 11:29 PM
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