Hi Ball Organic Energy Drink Blood Orange

Hi Ball Organic Energy Drink Blood Orange
What do you think the world would have been like if at the height of the Chicago Gangsters energy drinks were available? Do you think they would have been included in prohibition? Would barrels of Red Bull and the like have been smuggled across the Great Lakes from Canada? If not would everyone just have overdone it with them because they didn't have access to alcohol and wanted to get “messed up” in some way, even if that way was just a little jittery? Perhaps some business minded person would have bottled it and given it the name Hi-Ball in order to have people pretend that they were still drinking alcohol. One thing that is for certain is that the amount of sleep had in the 1920s would have severely decreased. Perhaps it would have caused them to become sloppier in their organized crime and things would have fallen apart sooner. Who knows? Let's time machine this thing and give a bunch of companies the recipes and see how it plays out?

If it did happen, I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that no one would be drinking a blood orange energy drink. I doubt more than .5% of the population of Chicago at the time had ever even heard of such a fruit. I wonder if “normal” oranges were even around the city in abundance at that point. They certainly would be /were missing out. This is delicious, but isn't anything blood orange flavored? It tastes like a light soda and nothing like an energy drink, because it is all organic and doesn't rely on the chemicals that produce that classic flavor. This is all caffeine (from guarana and ginseng), niacin and B vitamins. You know, ingredients that won't affect the flavor all that much. It's just wonderful sparkling blood orange juice. I could ask for nothing more and gangsters could only dream of such a gem.
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