Hint Fizz Peach

Hint Fizz Peach
Here's a not so subtle hint to America: A good majority of you are overweight. Okay, that wasn't so much of a hint as it was a flat out statement. Regardless, it's true. I'm not saying that I think people should be emaciated and the skinniest things ever. I am saying that in the days of our country when people had to work on farms and such, everyone was in much better shape. Think of how we could run everything if we were all in that same shape with today's modern medicine. We would be unstoppable.

The first step to getting there is to stop eating so much damn fast food. Sure it's delicious but it does nothing but hurt this cause. Secondly, and possibly most importantly, cut out drinking so much pop. I have way to many friends who tell me that one of their parents drink a two-liter or more of soda a day. That is ridiculous. I run a drink review website, and the thought of that makes even me sick. Do you even know how much sugar and other garbage you're putting into your bodies? How do you expect to hand plow the fields for ten hours a day while doing that? You won't, that I promise you. Hey, I understand the love of bubbly drinks. I'm just saying there are other options out there to get your fix in a way healthier way. One option is Hint Fizz. It's just sparkling water with a little bit of peach flavoring in it. There is no sugar, no fat, no sodium, no nothing. You essentially could be drinking a glass of water and it would be 98% the same health wise.

Sure when you first start drinking seltzers the taste is a bit weird, but the more you drink the quicker you become acclimated to it and then it doesn't taste bad at all, it tastes normal. Even though there is no juice in here, this does leave the memory of having just eaten a peach in your mouth. I urge you to make the switch from your soda pop to this sparkling water. The fate of our empire depends upon it.
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Jason Draper on 12/22/12, 11:27 AM
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