Hint Fizz Sparkling Apple Cider

Hint Fizz Sparkling Apple Cider
Every time I got into a grocery store I like to spend a couple minutes going through the array of drinks. Usually they are the same as they were since the last time I was there. We've been doing this for a couple years now and after nearly 4100 drinks, it's hard to find things that we haven't reviewed. Sure, that is impressive in its own right but it's frustrating when you are trying to find something new.

This visit I found a couple things but this was the one that I selected for today. It's by Hint, a company that I have had good luck with in the past with a seasonal favorite, apple cider. It is, as all Hint's flavors are, subtle. It's got a pretty present aftertaste, though. It tastes like apple cider. The promise has been kept! I can say for certain that Hint delivers on their promise time and time again. I've been drinking this all day and I've got to say, I never stopped liking it.
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No Sugar Added
Mike Literman on 12/12/14, 3:50 PM
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