Hint Fizz Strawberry Kiwi

Hint Fizz Strawberry Kiwi
Does anyone else out there get to a point where they just need to drink something carbonated? As in you feel like you're just going to explode if you don't get some bubbles in your throat. I am certainly in that camp. It's not often, but every couple of weeks or so I get a tickle in my throat, and no matter how much I cough, clear my throat or drink water, it simply will not go away. The only cure for what ails me is to drink some pop or other carbonated beverage. Now I don't always want all the sugar that comes along with soda, but I generally can't stand tonic water. Lucky for me Hint exists and they have created a line of sparkling water drinks that don't have the bitter seltzer taste. It tastes like someone took normal everyday water and added bubbles to it and it didn't change the flavor at all. They then added just a hint (well duh) of strawberry kiwi flavoring that gives it just a light flavor. It's perfect for what I need, and it has zero nutritional value, as well as zero negative connotations. It's a win for everyone, especially my scratchy throat.
Sparkling and Sports/Dietary Supplement
United States
No Sugar Added
Jason Draper on 12/8/13, 5:37 PM
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