Hint Unsweetened Essence Water Lime

Hint Unsweetened Essence Water Lime
Look kid, this is ridiculous. Get to work. You've been here for four days and you haven't done anything. We've got deadlines and you're costing this company its reputation. We brought you on because you had a good portfolio and you could talk the talk but you and I both know that is only half of the gig. That's right. "The walk."

What do you need? Do you need something? We've got to get some work done and we can't get it done without everyone pitching in. So what do you need? Something to drink? Yeah? Cool. Look, I've got this right here. I was going to drink it but you can have it. It's still cold. It's lime flavored water but isn't strongly flavored it's just a light flavoring. I don't know how to explain it. Here, just take it. I've had it before and it's alright but anything to incentiviseâ…‚¬Å½ you. It's good but it's nothing special really. It's kind of like a flat Sierra Mist or something. You can taste the lime but it's weak. It's just water with "essence" of lime so you can take that how you will.

Alright, look at you. You just needed some lubrication like the Tin Man. You're working! You're really working. Man, I'm not picking on you. We're paying you to work and you're just sitting in here staring at the ceiling. That's not right. Enjoy that water and get to work. Seriously.
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Mike Literman on 1/10/14, 12:10 AM
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