Hint Unsweetened Essence Water Mango-Grapefruit

Hint Unsweetened Essence Water Mango-Grapefruit
I have a confession to make. I never understood these flavored waters. The extreme lightness of the flavoring always left me feeling like I was drinking a bottle of water after eating whatever fruit it was flavored with. As a result I let Mike write 7 out of the 8 Hint waters we have reviewed. Something has happened though and I now understand the allure. Perhaps my wishes have been granted and I am now a real boy, or a grown up with a fully working set of taste buds. Whatever the case this makes sense to me now.

This is simply water, mango and grapefruit. I can only assume the company has huge vats of water that they soak fruit in. They don't squeeze the juice out of the fruit; they just let the soaking extract a tiny bit of flavor. The result is nice and refreshing without any overbearance or intense sweetness. It does have a slight sweetness from the mango, but it's very subtle. Even though the flavor is minimal, the mango is definitely stronger than the grapefruit. Actually if a competitor wanted to create a similar beverage line I would suggest they use that as their name, Subtle. The Cola wars were so 80s. This is the decade for the minimally flavored water wars.
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No Sugar Added
Jason Draper on 6/2/14, 10:19 AM
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