Hint Unsweetened Essence Water Raspberry Lime

Hint Unsweetened Essence Water Raspberry Lime
What ever happened to raspberries? I feel like some fruits are fads. Things like grapes and apples are a standard and will always be "there." Think about it, remember last year when everything had pomegranate in it? Good for pomegranate but it's not like something happened and all of a sudden they got good. People discovered antioxidants and all of a sudden this hidden gem is uncovered and everyone puts it in everything: chocolate, coffee, tea, candy, and so on and so forth. Blueberries, same thing. I feel like mango might be "it" right now.

"Problem" with these essence waters is that they have flavor, but sometimes it's hard to pinpoint what there are, especially if there is a mix. In the case of this drink you do get both raspberry and lime but you really have to study the drink. You have to swish it around, let it ruminate, swallow slowly, swallow quickly, and anything else you can think of. It's a good flavor and I think it's one of those "colder the better" drinks.

Everyone who tried it seemed to like it, which is good for Hint. Now if we, Thirsty Dudes, can only get the word out and make this company what they (probably) want to be; Commonplace, more popular, and in everyone's fridge. We're doing what we can, dudes. We're doing what we can.
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No Sugar Added
Mike Literman on 12/3/10, 10:52 AM
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