Hint Unsweetened Essence Water Watermelon

Hint Unsweetened Essence Water Watermelon
I gave my mom first sip, she said that it was just water. I made her try it again, and she said that it's like they forgot to put the flavor in. I gave it to my dad and he said that it was weak. I tried it and they were both right. Yes, it does taste like watermelon, yes it is weak, but it's different than the rest of the Hint stuff I've had. This drink is like Fibonacci sequence of drinks. The more you drink it, the more it tastes like watermelon. Once you stop, it gets back to square one. If you drank the whole thing, gluttonously and irresponsibly, in one chug fest of a drink session, it would probably be like eating a really wet watermelon.

This is good. It's refreshing, but if you're looking for a juice, this isn't it. If you want water with a little tiny bit of taste this is for you. If you like lemon water but are sick of always drinking the same thing, try this on for size, why don't you.
United States
No Sugar Added
Mike Literman on 4/18/11, 11:29 AM
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