Honest Fizz Orange Pop

Honest Fizz Orange Pop
After enjoying about half this can my ladyfriend came in the room and I handed it to her for a sip. She instantly asked if it was diet. I said yes, as I am not a known liar, but that it wasn't bad and overly diet. She took one sip and the look of utter revulsion crossed her face. I believe she then called it “diet death” and quickly handed it back to me.

My point here is that if you are not used to diet drinks you're not going to like this, or any zero calorie sweetened beverage. They are in an entire different universe from “normal” sodas. As much as I wish it wasn't true, it's a sad fact of life.

The opposite side of things is that once you become acclimated to these sweeteners, some of them (aka erythritol/stevia) aren't that bad. Sometimes for the sake of health you have to accept things that aren't initially attractive to your taste buds. For many people soda is a way of life, but those same people tend to end up overweight from consuming it far too much. This is a nice option for changing things. Yes, it does have a bit of a diet taste, but I assure you stevia is far better tasting then any of those other guys out there.

This is the most acceptable zero calorie orange soda I have ever tried. As a person who drinks far too many beverages you should probably take that as some sort of gospel.
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United States
Jason Draper on 2/28/14, 1:16 PM
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