Honest Kids Super Fruit Punch

Honest Kids Super Fruit Punch
Do you think the CEO of Capri Sun contacts his lawyer whenever another drink comes out in a metallic pouch such as this one? Do they have a patent on this sort of packaging? They should. When I was a kid I thought Capri Sun was the coolest, solely based on the packaging. Well that and because when you were done you could blow them back up and stomp on them to make them explode. That is the sort of thing that companies should keep in mind when packaging drinks for kids; will they be able to have annoying fun with the packaging when the juice is gone?

The juice that Honest uses here is very light. I believe the watermelon is to blame for that. Is there any fruit that is more watered down in it's natural form than watermelon? The flavor in this pouch is well rounded. If you concentrate enough you can taste each specific fruit that is shows on the label. The lightness of it may be a problem for kids in today's society who are used to over-sweetened, over the top extreme juices. This is what they should be drinking. MY only real complaint is why did they add sugar to this? Sure it's cane sugar, but it's juice, which is naturally sweetened, and I always thought that Honest was a healthier beverage. Oh well, it's still tasty, and if I had kids I would feed them these over normal juice boxes any day. Now it's time to go outside and blow up this package.
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Jason Draper on 3/2/12, 11:56 AM
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