Honest Tea Community Green Tea With Maltese Orange

Honest Tea Community Green Tea With Maltese Orange
Somewhere in Asia there is a community garden where they mostly grow tea. I know it sounds ridiculous to designate so much public land to a garden of this variety, but think about it, who doesn't love a glass/mug of some nice green tea? Also, who are we to judge what brings a community together. Whether it's growing a few carrots and peppers or a small field of tea plants if it brings people together, then it's good for the community.

The real problems begin after the tea is harvested and it is drying. That is when arguments arise about how they will flavor the tea. There are many who are purists who just want it to be straight green tea. They believe adding anything to it disturbs the integrity of the drink. Others wish to flavor it with flowers. There are still some that want to add fruit flavor. Every year it's the same argument and every year they settle it the same way; with an old-fashioned street brawl. Everyone who has an opinion gathers in the middle of the now desolate field, where the tea had recently been harvested from and they have it out. The last one standing has their way (eww, not like that) with the tea.

This past season the top brawler had wanted some orange tea. He had kept his mouth shut about it for years, because he knew his training wasn't finished. For years he hit the gym daily to bulk up in order to ensure he would win the battle. His efforts paid off. The rest of the town was no match for him, and the brawl set a record for being the shortest in history.

Now that the tea has been brewed and chilled, our warrior sits on his back porch with a dusty old dog and sips away. It's a very strong, bitter green tea with slight accents of orange peels. He added just a touch of sugar to it to take the edge off, but no one in their right mind would ever refer to it as a sweetened tea. As he sat there he decided that it was a nice tea. It tasted like green tea should taste, but that if he had wanted it to be perfect he would have been better off either using orange juice instead of rinds, or a different fruit altogether.
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Jason Draper on 6/29/12, 10:33 AM
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