Honest Tea Green Dragon Tea With Passion Fruit

Honest Tea Green Dragon Tea With Passion Fruit
The Honest company has a small team of knights that it keeps on it's payroll. There are really only three of them, but they are in the upper echelon of the payroll, even though they only have one job to perform. That job is to distract without killing the dragon that guards the green tea that lives on a certain mountain whose location I cannot reveal due to legal reasons.

Not only is this physically tolling and extremely dangerous to the knights, but the psychological damage is through the roof. You see knights are programmed from birth to kill dragons. It takes all of their will power and concentration to merely distract the beast and not kill it. That is the true reason for their astronomical salaries.

40 knights once agreed that it was well worth it to taste the tea that their efforts brought forth. It's just a shame that 37 of the 40 perished in the line of duty. The few that are left have discovered that if you mix in a little passion fruit with the tea the already wonderful taste is improved upon. It's still a bitter green tea taste, but the slight fruity hint gives the tea a new dimension. Here's to hoping that the final three knights live long and productive lives!
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Jason Draper on 8/15/11, 12:23 PM
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