Honest Tea Raspberry Fields

Honest Tea Raspberry Fields
It is my understanding that somewhere on this planet there is a black hole of sorts that contains an unending source of Honest Tea flavors. Every time I look at a selection of their products it seems like there is a flavor that I have not tried. I actually bought this bottle for pleasure and not to review. Once I got out of the store I second guessed myself and checked the site; nope we have not reviewed it.

One would think that a raspberry tea would be one of the standards for a company, but I don't remember ever coming across this. Perhaps it's a rebranding of a different flavor. The only thing I do know is that it is delicious and tastes like a better version of the junk raspberry tea that times the coolers of gas stations everywhere around the US. First off, it contains actual raspberry juice, which does not normally occur. The flavor is better for it. Secondly, it only contains about half the sugar that you would get in an Arizona or a Snapple tea. Let's work on getting drinks like this more commonly into gas stations and mini marts. I want better options, and Honest is a pretty big player in the game, so I think they can actually make that happen.
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Jason Draper on 4/22/15, 9:51 AM
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