Honest Tea Sweet Tea

Honest Tea Sweet Tea
I'm standing in the aisle and a woman walks past me and says, "Too many choices." I promptly respond with, "Not enough choices." I swear, as soon as I pass the New York line, my fame and fortune is forgotten because if we were in New York and not New Jersey, I would have swarms of people surrounding me pondering what drink I will pick. That would obviously be followed by a loud cheer and sometimes but not always, confetti. I think there is a confetti brigade that follows me around but they are very stealth and I can never see them in the open.

I picked this tea because it was "not too sweet" which is what I needed because I have been eating like absolute garbage this whole trip. Not poorly, just in excess.

This tea was alright, though. Not too sweet but a little off. I couldn't place it but it's not like the sweet tea I am used to. It was black and sweet but didn't add up to "sweet tea." That lady should have picked my drink for me because I could have done better.
Iced Tea
United States
Organic Cane Sugar
Mike Literman on 5/26/13, 6:12 PM
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