Hydrive Energy Immunity Honey Lemonade

Hydrive Energy Immunity Honey Lemonade
Thin and doesn't go well with chocolate. Not a fantastic tagline but a true one. Look, I'm working on a website that sells products to minibars and I've been looking at candy and snacks all day and now I've got a hankering for like every snack known to man. So here I am, snacking my life away and drinking this. I am not reviewing this as a chaser to chocolate but as a fair warning, this is not to be drunk with chocolate.

Alone and by itself, this is fine but on the low end of the spectrum for lemonade. I think they put it in that category because they had to put it somewhere. It's got no pulp, no bite, and if anything, just some sourness to it. It doesn't taste like an energy drink, which is good, but aside from that, not a lot of honey, which is half the name. It kind of smells like bubble tea, which is strange but should be noted. It's got a bit of a crap-drink bite to it but that subsides pretty quickly so I'm only slightly notching it for that.

Now I get back to peanuts, chocolates, candy bars, and the like. It's not the worst site I've worked on but looking at it makes me oh so hungry. OH SO HUNGRY!
Energy Drink and Lemonade
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Mike Literman on 5/29/14, 4:33 PM
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