Hype Energy MFP Sugar Free

Hype Energy MFP Sugar Free
What does MFP stand for? Major Focused Power? Majestic Forest Provider? Metallica Forever Peeps? Ohh Ohh, maybe it's Milk for President. All of the above are wrong. After some internet searching it came out that it actually means Money From Patience, wait no that's not it either. It's really “Most Full Power.” Seeing as it's originally from the Netherlands and this is made in Poland I will chalk that up to a poor translation, though my times I've spend in both countries the English people spoke was not broken at all. The name isn't all that exciting, but the cryptic MFP with no explanation on the can gets the desired effect.

Names aside the flavor of this is what is to be expected from a diet energy drink. It tastes like liquid candy that had all its sugar replaced with a zero calorie substitution. It's nothing new, it's nothing exciting, but it gets the job done. Normally it's hard for me to drink a full diet beverage, but the base flavor of energy drinks is either strong to enough to mask, or blends in with the sucralose garbage flavor and it makes it palatable. So it's got that going for it.
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Jason Draper on 4/8/18, 8:41 AM
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