Ice Cool Aloe Vera Peach Juice With Pulp

Ice Cool Aloe Vera Peach Juice With Pulp
Alright, we're going out into the desert Three Amigos' style, except we want to be prepared. There will be no empty canteens and certainly none that are filled with sand. I mean the desert I speak of is actually just a local beach, but I want everything absolutely perfect for my YouTube recreation. Okay, everyone give me your canteens. My mom said I'm not allowed to come in the house wearing this “ridiculous” outfit as she put it. So I'll be filling them up with the hose. Does she not realize that this is the costume of my craft? Does she not know that I was born to reenact every movie Martin Short has ever starred in? Just wait until I'm internet famous, then she'll let me in the house to fill up my canteens! Well until then, hose water it is! Sorry they look old, they were my grandfathers from The War, I don't even know what war, so don't ask. Oh crap, I forgot I had some peach drink in here from when I went camping last summer. It doesn't smell spoiled, but that's just weird.

Ugh guys, I don't know if you want to actually use these. The combination of the hose water, the left over peach juice residue and the aloe I put on my sunburn I got from yesterday's shoot, this is a weird not-to-great drink. I guess the more you drink the better it gets, but it never really loses it's metallic hose water taste. Jimmy, that's racist saying that this taste like an Asian drink! Oh you mean it tastes exactly like an aloe drink you had on your trip to Singapore, except this doesn't have the chunks that that one had? Well I guess that's not racist, but I feel sorry that you paid for such a beverage.

Well everyone it looks like Little Neddy is not going to talk about how he filmed a movie about going to war, or mail planes. Let's move on to Innerspace. I have a cool little capsule I've been building in my shed.
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Jason Draper on 1/16/13, 2:50 PM
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