Ikea Dryck Blåbär Blueberry

Ikea Dryck Blåbär Blueberry
If you spent a lot of money on a blueberry drink, took a sip, and immediately felt ripped off, this drink is for you. This is the drink you would make if you bought that drink, got frustrated, went to the store, bought a box of blueberries, went home, juiced them, and added a little sugar.

The thing about this drink is that it might be better than blueberries. I am not the world's strongest proponent of blueberries. Unless they are really fresh, they are too squishy and I do not like the texture. I do like the taste but texture is everything and I just don't like it. Blueberries are such a “limited time offer” that it's hard to get behind them. This is better than blueberries because it is clearly a juice at heart with sugar to actually calm it down. I don't know what science the Swedes used to make this but they should keep it up because it's great.

If blueberries stayed firm and tasted like this drink, I would eat them by the handful everyday, increasing my antioxidant chart to frighteningly high levels where I might be immune to small gauge bullets. Until then, I am well less than immune.
Mike Literman on 9/11/13, 12:04 PM
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