Ikea Saft Rabarber Rhubarb

Ikea Saft Rabarber Rhubarb
Sure this expired almost two years ago. Sure I am the one to drink it. I don't want to say that my standards are higher than Jay's, but I will say that I throw caution to the wind a little sooner when it comes to expiration dates. Also, what can go bad, right? It's just concentrated fruit juice.

Since this had sugar in it, I knew that I didn't have anything to worry about. Rhubarb is a bitter thing, man. This was well sweetened because it had an adequate amount of sugar and a minimal amount of that bitterness. It's actually pretty darn good. A four to one, water to concentrate makes it and then you're done. I thought it was a regular drink and then I saw there were directions and was honestly a little disappointed. Not in the fact that it was "more work" but just that I wanted to drink it and call it a day. Now I've got an eighty percent full container of mix that will probably go to waste since no one else will touch it because it's so old. Such is the life of a drink mix in the presence of people who care about expiration dates.
Juice and Mix/Concentrate
Mike Literman on 10/21/15, 12:58 PM
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