Inko's Organic Energy Citrus

Inko's Organic Energy Citrus
Out of the Organic Energy line that Inkos puts out this is the only flavor that I didn't absolutely love. Perhaps that's because it's the one that tastes the most like something was added to the tea. The tea flavor is there, but there is definitely something else floating around in the brew as well. Maybe it's the stevia, but I have a feeling it's more of the ginseng or guarana, as it's less familiar. The flavor is not enough to ruin the drink for me, as I still enjoy it enough that I bought a case when I found it for ridiculously on sale. I just wouldn't pay full price for it very often, with the other flavors available.

One of the things I appreciate about these Inkos drinks is that they are non-carbonated, organic energy drinks. So not only do they avoid all of the chemical garbage that other companies use that make me feel all crazy, but they also keep things different by not introducing bubbles to it. This is energy you can feel okay about. It's made with white tea with just a splash of citrus in it. The more I drink, the more I enjoy it and think that hey, maybe I would buy this at full price on a normal basis afterall.
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Jason Draper on 3/12/18, 12:31 PM
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