Inko's Organic Energy Mango

Inko's Organic Energy Mango
I have been on a huge tea kick lately. Drinking it hot, brewing mass quantities to put in the fridge to complete the transformation to iced, and just buying bottles and cans of ready to drink stuff. For the most part I have kept it unsweetened to give myself the illusion that I am not treating my body like the town dump, but I've developed a soft spot for the Inko's energy teas. I mean it's not like I'm polluting myself with all the junk in the energy drinks that would initially cross your mind. These are simply flavored white teas (with all the caffeine that involves) with some ginseng and guarana added to it. If these didn't have sugar added the amount that I drink would increase drastically. I probably wouldn't need all of that energy, and by probably I mean definitely. So let's look as this sugar as a benefit since due to it I can actually sleep.

These are some of the few beverages that mix sugar with stevia for lower calorie count that actually don't taste diet (at least if you drink it cold). It's just a not-overly sweetened tea that has a nice mango flavor. This is something I feel other companies should strive for. Inkos knows how to make a good product and I look forward to seeing what they put out next.
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Jason Draper on 3/30/18, 8:40 AM
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