Inko's Rooibos Tea Mango Passion Fruit

Inko's Rooibos Tea Mango Passion Fruit
Inko's is a company that for years has been known for its use of white tea. Well, they decided to branch out into the realm of other types of tea as well as into aluminum cans. I can firmly announce that these folks know what they are doing no matter what the tea medium. Upon opening the can the air in your immediate vicinity instantaneously reeks like Teavana or some other high-end teashop that you would find in the mall. It's a magical scent that is fruity with a strong under base of tea, which I feel other companies should strive for. I've spent way too much money in such shops and I have never been disappointed with the products I received in return. While the contents of this can are not completely up to those standards, it is one of the closest ready to drink teas that I have ever tried. It tastes like mango and passionfruit were dried and mixed into the tea batch pre-brewing and not like it was an added flavoring after the fact. That is the sign of a good tea. My only complaint is that it's a tad sweeter than it needs to be for my liking. There are only 13g of sugar per serving, with two servings per can, but as someone who loves unsweetened tea, it's just not needed and it detracts from the greatness of the natural flavor of the tea and the fruit. Don't let that deter you though, for your average drinker it probably won't seem all that sweet at all. I'm just becoming more and more of a tea snob every day.

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Jason Draper on 6/22/13, 1:52 PM
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