Inko's White Tea Blueberry

Inko's White Tea Blueberry
I've been drinking more and more unsweetened tea these days. A couple of years ago I couldn't stomach the stuff, but now I find it very refreshing and a nice change of pace from all the sugar I intake in the name of Thirsty Dudes. I say this because when I first tried Inko's I remembered thinking that it was nice that it wasn't overly sweetened. Now when I drink this it seems like sugar city, but in a good way. IN actuality there are only 7g of sugar in each serving, which isn't a lot by sweetened tea standards. It's also a sugar that tastes real and slightly gritty (although the texture is more my imagination).

Everything is natural about this down to the blueberry extract. It has a great flavor that you won't find in an iced tea that comes in anything other than a glass bottle. It's light, sweet and fruity just like a quality tea should be.
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Jason Draper on 8/14/11, 11:06 AM
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